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Starter Guide
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Starter Guide
This guide will sum up and explain almost everything in one topic, and it will help you during your stay at Epic MYKO. This topic will be updated constantly.

1 - Voting
2 - Leveling Up
3 - Job Changes, Class change and Stats/Skills reset
4 - Getting coins / money
5 – Quests
6 - Armors, Weapons & Accessories
7 - Jewels / Accessories
8 - Scrolls
9 - Drop List Guide
10 - Donation

Once you create your account, you'll be able to start your journey!
1) Voting:

1 - After you've registered your account
2 - Log in here:
3 - Go to MYKOL
4 - Click on " Vote for us " under Account Tools
5 - Click on all the links that are listed one by one and type the captcha
6 - Once you're done typing the captcha click the button that says " Vote for Epic MYKO! "

Once you're done you can vote every 12 hours and obtain useful things!

*Note: You must have a char created and make sure you are lvl 60+ and have 1k NPs. Please refer to Leveling Up section below.

2) Leveling Up:
Level 65 Scroll will be in your inventory when you first create your character.
*Make sure you put all your items in inventory and put the LVL 65 Scroll on Skill Bar and press it. You should be Level 65 now after using the scroll.

Lvl 65-72: Trolls/Harpies/Golems/Deruvish/Apostle

There are automatic quests that you will see a list of in your combat box after you kill ONE of the required monsters for the quest, that will give EXP + High Class Item to help you, more information below.

You will begin with 10 days of Gold Premium that will help you EXP including Auto Loot.

To turn off Auto Loot type in Normal Chat: !off AND to turn on Auto Loot type in Normal Chat: !on

3) How to class change, gender change and stat/skill resets:
  • You can change your job and open new skills when you’ve reached level 10 at Captain Kunabarl NPC in moradon and to further strengthen your character, you need to do the master job change, which in this server, all you need to do is relog, once you’ve reached level 60.
  • You can also change your class by purchasing Class Change Scroll from PUS or earn it through your activity in CZ via our random gift events.
  • If you mistakenly put the wrong stats or skill points, you can reset them back and re-arrange them at Captain Kunabarl NPC located in moradon for free.

4) How to get coins / money:

You can easily get Silver Bar(10m)/Bronze Bar(5m)/Gold Coins from:
  • Dark Mare in CZ
  • Ego[CZ]
  • Cardinals/Hobgoblins/Blood Seeker/Beast in Colony Zone
  • Grells in EMC/Lufferson
  • All other bosses have chance too.
5) Quests:
Quest NameMonsters to Kill
Beginners Chest QuestKill 35 Bulcan, 45 Bulture
Personal Defender Shield QuestHaunga, 50 Lamiros, 20 Stinger, 35 Lamia, 50 Lamentation, 2 Riote, 2 Atross, 2 Blood Don
Trina Quest (1)Kill 350 Dark Mare
Trina Quest (2)Kill 450 Player in CZ
(30) Weapon & Armor Enchant Scroll QuestKill 75 Hobgoblin
* You can check all our Quests by clicking on this link: https://epicmyko.com/?page=quest

6) How to get Armors/Weapons/Accessories:

You can get starter armors by completing the Beginner Quest in Moradon (Kill 35x Bulcan & 45x Bulture), upon completing this quest, you will receive a Beginner Pack Chest.
Go to Reiner [Quest Exchange] NPC in Moradon Town and click on “Beginners Pack Quest” twice, you will get good gear to help you start your journey. *Note: This quest is repeatable. *
To improve your gear, you can start farming:
ItemMonsters to drop
Chitin Armor +4Minion of Dark Mare (next to DM’s in CZ) || Golems || Trolls || Harpies
Shell Armor +1 / High Class Weapons +1Dark Mare
Anti-Defence ArmorsAtross || Riote || Blood Don || Harunga
Middle Class Weapons:
Monster NameWeapon
Harpy || Raven Harpy || Dark StoneMirage Dagger +1 at higher rate
Troll || Troll Warrior || Troll Berserker || Troll CaptainGlave +1
Stone Golem || Giant Golem || LamentationIron Crossbow +1
Troll Warrior || Stone Golem || Giant GolemDurandal +1
Troll Warrior || Stone Golem || Giant GolemDurandal +1
Troll Warrior || Stone Golem || Giant GolemSalamander Staff +1
Troll Warrior || Stone Golem || Giant Golem || Troll Berserker || Troll CaptainTotamic Club +1
Lamiros / LamentationKukry +1 / Cleaver +1
High Class Weapons:
Monster NameWeapon
Dark MareShard +1 || Raptor +1 || Iron Bow +1 || Elixir +1 || Totamic Spear +1 || Iron Impact +1 || Mirage Sword +1 || Graham +1 || Deep Scar +1 || Impact +1

7) How to get Jewels / Accessories:

Accessories +9:
Burning Skeleton, Phantom, Ghost Warrior, Reaper

You can upgrade 3x +9 accessories to +10, and also 3x +10 to +12 with compound scroll on anvil.
+9 to +10 = 30% success rate
+10 to 12 = 30% success rate

For the unique accessories, you are supposed to kill Eslant bosses/Colony Zone bosses/ EMC-LUF Bosses/ Chaos Stone Bosses:
Monster NameDrop
IsiloonIron Necklace / Iron Belt / All Other Unique Accessories
AttilaWarrior Pendant, Elemental Pendant, Priest Pendant
Harpy QueenRogue Earring / Mage Earring / Cleric Earring / Warrior Earring
Deruvish FounderSilver Ring / Agate Ring / Elf Ring / Diamond Ring / Opal Ring / Crystal Ring / Emerald Ring / Platinum Ring
Troll KingElf-Metal Earring / Opal Earring / Secret-Silver Earring / Platinum Earring / Agate Earring / White-Silver Earring / Crystal Earring / Bronze Earring / Golden Earring
Old Troll KingOld Platinum Earring / Old Secret-Silver Earring / Old Elf-Metal Earring
Snake QueenIron Necklace / White, Black, Green Dragon Necklace / Amulet of Strength / Amulet of Goddess / Amulet of Dexterity / Amulet of Health, Elemental Necklace, Crystal Necklace
Old Snake QueenOld Amulet of Strength, Old Amulet of Health, Old Amulet of Dexterity
TalosIron Belt / Elf Belt / Glass Belt / Belt of Dex / Belt of Str / Skeleton Belt / Ice Belt / Fire Belt / Mana Belt / Belt of Curse / Belt of Intelligence
Old TalosOld Bronze Belt, Old Skeleton Belt, Old Elf Belt
BachRing of Life
Old BachOld Ring of Life
DukeRing of Courage
Old DukeOld Ring of Courage
BishopRing of Magic
Old BishopOld Ring of Magic
KekurikekukakaKekuri Ring / Kekuri Belt
Best accessories set for each class will be listed below but still, you can choose what's best for your class. It all depends on what you prefer.

Warrior: 2x Minotaur's Earring / Temple Necklace or Iron Necklace / BDW Belt or Iron belt or String of Skulls (more AP) / 2x Ring of Courage
Rogue: 2x Howling Rooster / Temple Necklace or Iron Necklace / BDW Belt or Iron belt / 2x Ring of Life
Priest: 2x Lillime's Enticement or 2x Secret-Silver Earring / Temple Necklace or Iron Neklace/ BDW Belt or Glass Belt / 2x Ring of Life
Mage: 2x Lich Kings Pride / Temple Necklace or Iron Necklace / BDW Belt or Glass Belt / 2x Ring of Magic or Flame Ring/Imir Ring/Shio Tears

8) Getting Scrolls:
  • By Coins in the game from Buffy [Scrolls] NPC in Moradon TOWN:
    1500 HP Scroll, 300 AC Scroll, Speed Scroll, Attack Scroll, Bonus Stat Scrolls [ MP, DEX, STR, HP, INT ], TP Scroll, Rental Scroll, Spell of Thunder Blast Scroll, Spell of Fire Blast Scroll, Spell of Glacier Blast Scroll  are sold in Buffy [Scrolls].
  • By National Points in the game from Moradon Exchange NPC:
    1500 HP Scroll: 2500 NP
    300 AC Scroll: 2500 NP
    STR+ / Dex+ / Health+ Scrolls: 2000 NP
    Lion Scroll: 4000 NP
    Attack Power Scroll: 2500 NP
    Trina: 7000 NP + 1x Silver Bar

9) Drop List:
You can find drop of any monster and you can look up where an item drops through our Panel Search option in website:


Type the item name and it will show you which monster drops it.
Type the monster name and it will show you what it drops.

10) Donation:

You can purchase KC ONLY through our website, all you need to do is login here: https://epicmyko.com/ and click on “RECHARGE KNIGHT CASH”. To access PUS in-game and purchase items, press on the P button on top at the right side of your HP bar.

[Image: 111.png]

If you have any other questions or things you want to know about feel free to create a topic in this forum or contact us directly on Facebook OR Discordhttps://discordapp.com/invite/ztH5e3e

Good Luck & Have Fun!

-Epic MYKO Team
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