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Proposal for update changes.
Hello guys how are you? I'm kinda new guy on this server I have been playing here for less than 2 weeks I enjoy this server a lot, but as I noticed over time  less and less players are playing on this server, so I think it's time for some changes, so we can bring more ppl here and enjoy the game more. This is my proposal of changes that could be made, of course you can disagree with it and everything is open for discussion and you can play around.
1. Increase drop from fragments/chests doesn't have to be a lot but getting like bardish or salamander stuff from chests/fragments is just ridiculous. Increase them so we can get at least like +5 chits or +1 shells from it.
2. Increase spawn boss rate and drop from them for about 20-25%, I've killed a lot of bosses and most of them were empty and just a reminder this is private server so it shouldn't be like that we are here to have fun Big Grin and this server is a bit too hard, I'm glad it's like a challange but a bit too much imo Tongue
3. Make +8 possible for h/m class and increase upgrate rate for about 8-12% so its still kinda hard but easier a bit than now. 
4. Make possible to drop gold bars from dms/bosses rarerly (not verryyyyy rarerly) ,but possible so ppl can make some money during farm/boss hunt.
5. Make possible to buy gold bars in a power store I belive many ppl with open their pockets to buy some at least on their start here. Let's say 1 gold bar for $3 or so.
6. Lower colony monuments hp/deff and maybe a spawn time for about 20% so less ppl can kill and more often. Right now you need a team of 4/5 players to kill it let's change it to 2/3 players so ppl like me living in U.S playing after work can kill it at their time when its less ppl online so its more competitive.
7. Make a better guide for new players appearing in the game like a message about selling acc for $$ . For example "If you need information you can find it all on the website under Drop List then it links you to the forum and in forum you have to click Guides and you can find all needed info there" and make a thread about how to start in here like you can find grells which drop crystals,opals and crudes needed for master in Asaga going towards goblins,we have monsters near by bases in CZ that drop Master items so you dont have to look for bosses in bowl and get killed etc so ppl know where and what to farm like where gold coins drop etc. so they would be more attractive to this server, cause they will know what to do and where to find.
8. Fix buggs as much as you can it's a lot of bugs here like with items appearing in ur inventory, like you buying crystals on merch and you have to put them into inn hostess in order to link them with the ones you looted etc.
9 Make more events as GMs during a weekend so ppl can enjoy it and farm some better stuff.
9. Maybe change low class items to +3 instead of +1 in the store so we dont have to spend a loooot of time bringing them to +3 from +1 once again its private server we wanna enjoy it Big Grin It's 100% to +3 anyway so why waste time Tongue
If I come up with some more ideas I will post them here, but please comment down below and let me know what you think about it. What you like what you don't what can be changed/edited etc. Going to work thanks everyone and enjoy ur day! Let's see what time brings Smile Smile Smile !!

P.S sorry for all language mistake English is my 2nd language Big Grin 
Thank you so much for the feedback, we appreciate it, we are all ears to such stuff. Most of the things are taken into consideration and will be implemented asap. Stay tuned and after the new update if you have any more suggestions feel free to share them!
I 100% Agree with all of Pawel's Suggestion's.. 
I always got junk items from all 3 coloured chests, After abouut 45days of playing i got 0 unique's.
The 1 thing i would add is more Events like Kill GM Event etc..
From what i experienced during kill gm event's was some of the best fun i had here.
Also the PK symbol's should be working on Monthly Np's NOT the overall NP's.
But also i would like to say i beleive the server was good as it was.
you could gear from nothing to a usable PK char in a few days..
Other servs can take weeks/months, so i hope it don't change to much.
I beleive the main issue is the same as it's always been with ko private servers..
People always follow the heard to "newest" opening server.
for some it's to see if they will have better luck elsewhere other's it's the journey of going from nothing to a strong character that they enjoy most. (usually Donators who like to go kill begginers)
I really like this server and would have contiuned to play here if not for lack of players.
i hope it will be back soon! [img]images/smilies/heart.gif[/img]
High / Prodigy / Quality

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