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Pyke08 Offline
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honor medal, hero medal, epic medal these are unfair.
It is unfair to develop these items with money!!!!!!!!!
Don't kill the game for money.
I have never seen such an unfair server.
This is MYKO server, and having such things disrupts equality.


I want some justice and equal play. Job,

Workmanship = PLAYER
02-11-2020 02:29 PM
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Guro Offline

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RE: JUSTİCE(2)!!!!!
You have different ways to earn KC without donating. Kill gift event in CZ rewards / Collection Races, Most earned NPs every 1 hour, you can also exchange master items for KC.. You can earn upto 3k+ kc per day without even donating. So, I don't see your logic.
02-23-2020 05:57 PM
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