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Some things to fix ( any one have a suggestion leave it below thanks)
Hello Epic Ko

i am here to discuss some points.... from multiple users in game. ( User who is lazy to make a forum account)

To start with:
1) some is aksing to start accounts with max lvl 72 (with starter gear) than exping in apos slots in CZ. ( so people focous more on master and lvl 70 skill; than exping to the last lvl)

2) CS spawn each 1 hour.

3) Increase EGO drop rate a bit so we can farm as a party. ( right now solo is better than party farm).

4) CZ bosses spawn time switched to 3-4 hours ( Master items and lvl 70 skill's bosses).

5) Master chest can be droped in a low rate from monster's.

6) Enable +8 upgrade for middle & high class items.

7) lowering self name quest national point requirment. ( my own opnion i don't like the idea but mentioned it cos other user asking).

8) Checking isilon HP or AC (not sure how it works but i think you know what i mean..... it is hard to kill) in cz and lowering it so it be easy to kill.

Just sharing some users in game idea and putting it on the table for you guys.

any one have a suggestion leave it below or make a new topic it is up to you.

+10000 for number 1 bro . make easy for new comers to focus on master and skill only . so they not gonna be late to pk Smile
"Enable +8 upgrade for middle & high class items."
I would add to enable +9 for low class and +8 for the rest. Anvil is hungry!! Smile

OK but first plz fix the class categories, some items cant be upgraded with middle class scroll but game says they are middle class, for example totamic club. Maybe its just this 1 item.
1. I'm not sure if this is a good choice to be fully PK oriented, however, we reduced EXP required per level + we added Mount Scrolls at start, so it should be easier. If not, we'll gladly consider other options.
7. I need more opinions on this. Whats the point of having it reduced?

2,3,4,5,6, 8: Already implemented, wait for next restart today.

Thank you everyone for the effort, if you have any more suggestions or unique ideas, feel free to let us know. Anything is highly appreciated. Smile
Hello Guro

As some user talked to me they really do struggle to level up to 72. If you can make it a bit easier would be helpful. (did asked couple of user about it. It is true as a solo user). Thanks on implementing the other points. 

I hope we get more feedback from user's about the selfname quest.
I Agreed with all of those suggestions!

Oher suggestions
1) if upgrade rates could please be increased a bit, currently spending all day farming just to burn every item going to +7 is not enjoyable one bit.

2)Also curious to see if the level cap will be increased in the future?
The problem with exping for me is that the only decent exp is in CZ and you just get raided everytime by people with way better gear than you (as a beginner)

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