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Drop Rates of Official Server
Will the drop rates of original server be the same with beta ?
here are my experiences during beta:
OBL is bugged (no holy water)
Duke and Bach drop rates are so low.
Shaula and Lesath never drops items except tails
mobs in bowl constantly drops weapon def. items (I like it but its not good for server economy and balance)
Lobo and Lycaon hammer drop rates are so low. I had killed like 15 of them and got 1 lobo hammer only. 
Estlant boss drops are so low.
CZ and Estlant SQ - TALOS never drops one of weapon def items(Skelly, Glass, Iron Belt - Iron Necklace)
I think uniques should be lower drop rate. To keep it rate, while master items could be a bit easier and high class also a bit easier but not too easy again.

But i really don't think they should put high drop rate on SB,IN,IB.

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