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Seggestion for the upcomeing start
hi dear gm,
may b we can do some "event" as we start again like whos lvl first to 60 / 65 / 72 and reward the first 3 ppl who do it, ( only 1 account per ip ) 
or like a big item collection event like 250-500 of each like gavolt wing / cursed bone / cardinal jewel / zombie eye / tyon meat etc.. + some high lvl items like feather oh harppy queen or holy water etc... first 3 ppl who do it ( all the items u can think of in game for a long run event - prize should b something big too so ppl will want to do it ;p) - once we have them all we can bring to a gm,
as we progress u guys can do a boss spawn event in moradon,
can also do capture / find the gm event,
can do a treasure map ( all the boss's in game - from moradon, luferson, eslant, cz will drop a piece of the map and when kill all u can get in a place with your clan to kill felankor / ultima or some other rare boss ),

this is some of the ideas i have, hope it helps.. cheers ;D
Great ideas!! Will take it into consideration. Thank you so much! Smile 

If you or anyone else think of anything, feel free to let us know!

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