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trina bug is not 90% as gms said
Tomjery Offline
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trina bug is not 90% as gms said
yesterday i burn my shlied from +3 to +4 with trina and pm guro and back it to me
and today i bought one more shlied with soul and i was have 2xshlied +4 and going to make one +5
my shlieds burn to +5 with trina
so that is bugĀ 
i think before i was make my sn easy to +5 with trina but after this restart i think trina is bug againĀ 
plss guro check again upgard rate with trina to +5 is bug i burn 2xshlied with trina to +5
02-21-2020 12:19 AM

Guro Offline

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RE: trina bug is not 90% as gms said
Nothing is bugged with upgrade rates. They are exactly the same as we told you. It's completely your luck. You can try different upgrade mechanisms like burning stuff, etc.

No support will be provided here.

02-21-2020 01:46 AM

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