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  Server CLOSURE
Posted by: Guro - 06-26-2020, 03:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Epic Players,

As you may know already the server died too soon even though we followed the players wishes and tried our best to keep it for as long as possible but it is difficult to do so when we have to pay for the server costs from our pockets and we get nothing in return.
I would like to Thank osmanx (SOACS Anti-Cheat Owner), and dRed (Co-Admin) for helping and making all this possible even though it was for a short time but it was a wonderful experience for me.

We have decided to shut the server DOWN completely tonight due to obvious reasons.

We'll definitely relaunch Epic MYKO in the future but not anytime soon, as I personally don't have time for the stress of restarting/relaunching this year.
BUT that doesn't mean the development in the background will stop! I will be working on a newer version and hopefully one day we will be able to share it with you all. Smile

Thank you to everyone who have joined us in this short journey. And hope to see you guys somewhere around one day. Smile

- Guro

  [21.06.2020] Update
Posted by: Guro - 06-22-2020, 04:21 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Dear Epic Knights,

Following today's restart, here are the main updates:

  • Egos are added to CZ in different spots to drop Stone of barbor + ALL Fragments
  • Stone of Barbor can be exchanged for OLD Uniques at Moradon exchange NPC.
  • Bi-Frost is removed from schedule
  • More Lunar Wars are added to Schedule
  • You can get Exceptional Weapons from Lunar War Quest
  • You can Rebirth your Armors using Rebirth SC

We hope you have a great EPIC time in our community!

Thank you.

  [05.06.2020] Changelog
Posted by: Guro - 06-06-2020, 04:40 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Dear Epic Knights,

Following today's restart, here are the main updates:

  • New characters will start with lvl 65 Scroll
  • Gold Coins drop rate at Blood Seekers, Cardinals, Beasts INCREASED slightly.
  • Silver Bar added to Dark Mare in CZ at LOW rate.
  • Dark Mare in CZ drop rate is increased.
  • Dark Mare in ESLANT now drops High Class Items at low rate (NO Silver/Bronze Bar's).
  • FT Neck/BDW Belt & Exceptional Weapons Quest requirements are lowered. [Events Manager NPC in MORADON!]
  • Removed Shell/Weapon quest requirement from Selfname Quest in Eslant.
  • Mages damage nerfed slightly
  • Added to Vote Points Shop: 2000/350 HP/AC Scrolls, Hera Scrolls, Redistribution Item (START VOTING!)

We hope you have a great EPIC time in our community!

Thank you.


Epik Şövalyeler,

  • Yeni karakterler 65 level olarak başlayacak.
  • Gold Coin düşme oranı "Blood Seekers, Cardinals, Beasts" yaratıklarında bir miktar arttırıldı.
  • Colony Zone bölgesindeki Dark Mare yaratıklarına düşük oranda "Silver Bar" eklendi.
  • Colony Zone bölgesindeki Dark Mare yaratıklarında düşme oranı yükseltildi.
  • Eslant bölgesindeki Dark Mare yaratıklarında düşük oranda high class itemleri eklenildi. (Silver ve Bronze bar düşmemektedir.)
  • Forgetten Temple Neck/ Border Defence Belt ve Exceptional Silah görevleri gereksinimleri azaltıldı.
  • Eslant bölgesindeki "Selfname Quest"ten shell ve silah gereksinimleri kaldırıldı
  • Mage sınıfının hasarı biraz azaltıldı.
  • Oylama Puanları Mağazasına, 2000/350 HP / AC Scrolls, Hera Scrolls, Redistribution Itemleri eklendi. (OYLAMAYA BAŞLA!)

Umarım serverımızda keyifli vakit geçiriyorsunuzdur!


  [24.05.2020] Changelog - Quick Restart
Posted by: Guro - 05-24-2020, 05:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

  • 1. Eslant Quests should be fully functional now. (You're able to do Shells Quests if you finished ALL EMC/Luferson Quests)
  • 2. Juraid Inn hostess for human side (underground at deva) is FIXED.
  • 3. Losing EXP in Juraid when you die is FIXED.
  • 4. Bi-frost is fully functional now and it will last 1 hour (you have to destroy the monument in Bowl to get in).
  • 5. Lunar Bounty can be earned from killing people in Lunar War/ Invasion.

  [23.05.2020] Changelog
Posted by: Guro - 05-23-2020, 11:54 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Dear Epic Knights,

  • Level 72 is now open.
  • Iron Necklace, Glass, Skeleton, Iron Belts, and Chitin Shield are added to drops.
  • Restat is free now at Server Manager NPC (moradon town). You can restat for FREE to fix your stat points.
  • Felankor has slightly higher drop rate than Isiloon (Felankor is Available for CSW Owners only!)
  • Bi-Frost/Juraid/Lunar War/CSW AND Bounty Hunter are added to Schedule.
  • Feather of Harpy Queen now drops from Harpies/Raven Harpies.

We hope you have a great EPIC time in our community!

Thank you.

  [21.05.2020] Changelog
Posted by: Guro - 05-21-2020, 07:46 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Dear Epic Knights,

  • Multi Client is enabled.
  • Increased timer for Volcanic Rock in Forgotten Temple, you have 60 seconds to kill it when it spawns in order to get Reward.
  • Stat points per level is FIXED.
  • You will need to use Redistribution Item for Restat (no more 25x BUS required because we fixed stat points per level!)
  • Random 800-900 damage to everyone in CZ is FIXED.
  • Dark Mare High Class Items drop rate is slightly increased.
  • Minion of Dark Mare in CZ drops High Class Weapons + Chitins +4 at a little higher rate than Brahman
  • Added Monster Hunt CR's with good rewards.
  • Eslant Buff NPC is FIXED.
  • Events schedule is FIXED.
We hope you have a great EPIC time in our community!

Thank you.

  • Çoklu kullanıcı aktif hale getirildi.
  • Her level için stat points oranı düzeltildi.
  • Redistribution Item'ı stat sıfırlamak için yeniden eski haline getirdik.(Artık 25x BUS istenmeyecektir. Çünkü statları her levele göre ayarladık).
  • FT etkinliğinde ödülü kazanabilmeniz için Volcanic Rock'ı ilk 60 saniye içinde kesmeniz gerekmektedir. Daha öncesinde 30 saniyeydi. Süreyi 60 saniyeye çıkardık.
  • CZ'de meydana gelen 800-900 damage sorununu çözdük.
  • Dark Mare'deki High Class Item dropları yükseltildi.
  • Colony Zone'daki Minon of Dark Mare'lardan Brahman'a göre daha yüksek oranda High Class Item ve Chitin +4 düşmektedir.
  • Monster Hunt CR etkinliğine daha iyi ödüller eklendi.
  • Eslant Buff NPC çalışır hale getirildi.
  • Etkinlik takvimi düzeltildi.
Umarım serverımızda keyifli vakit geçiriyorsunuzdur!


  • Multi cliente esta activado.
  • Se ha incrementado el tiempo para matar al Volcanic Rock en Forgotten Temple, tienes 60 segundos para matarlo cuando aparesca y recibir la recompenza.
  • Los puntos de stats por nivel esta solucionado.
  • Necesitaras usar el objeto de restribucion para resetear (no 25 bus es requerido porque hemos solucionado el status de puntos por nivel)
  • Alertorio 800-900 de daño para todos en CZ esta arreglado.
  • Dark Mare el grado de obtener objetos de clase alta se ha incrementado un poco.
  • Minion of Dark Mare en cz arroja armas de clase alta + chitins +4 un poco mas de probabilidad que en brahman.
  • Se agrego caseria de montro CR's con buenas recompensas.
  • El buff NPC de Eslant ha sido solucionado.
  • El horario de los eventos esta solucionado.

  [17.05.2020] UPDATE
Posted by: Guro - 05-17-2020, 08:40 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Dear Epic Knights,

Following today's restart, here are the main updates:

1. Gold Coins has been added to drop from Cardinals, Blood Seekers, and Beast.
2. Level 65 + MASTER is now OPEN!
3. Autloot Scroll now gives you 15 pieces = 15 hours.
4. Potion of Souls weight has been decreased.
5. KC Prices are on sale as our Epic Players requested.
6. LNS/FT events are added to Events Schedule.
7. Snow War mobs HP is reduced and bosses removed.
8. High Class Weapons + Armor have been added to Dark Mares.

We hope you have a great EPIC time in our community!

Thank you.


Sevgili Epic Şövalyeler!

Bugünkü restarta esasen gerçekleşen ana güncellemeler:

1. Cardinal'e, Blood Seeker'e ve Beast'e gold coins eklendi.
2. 65 level ve master aktifleştirildi.
3. Autoloot artık 15 adet içeriyor (15 adet = 15 saat)
4. Mana potlarının ağırlığı düşürüldü.
5. İstekleriniz doğrultusunda Knight Cash fiyatları düşürüldü.
6. LNS/FT görevleri görev takvimine eklendi.
7. Snow War moblarının canları düşürüldü ve etkinlikteki bosslar kaldırıldı.
8. High Class itemlar Dark Mare'lere eklendi.

Umarım serverımızda keyifli vakit geçiriyorsunuzdur!

  Beta Winners
Posted by: Guro - 05-03-2020, 05:15 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Epic Knights,

Beta phase is over. Thank you to everyone who joined us and provided their feedback, every little detail given is appreciated.

If you have any suggestions, even small feedbacks are always appreciated, feel free to contact me Guro#0001 or dRed#9576 on Discord!!

Stay tuned for the Official on 15th May, everyone!

And.. Congratulations to Beta Winners TOP 10 Overall NPS:

1. Rookie - 1500 KC
2. Joies - 1500 KC
3. CLARA - 1500 KC
4. Sabrina - 1200 KC
5. Prodigy - 1200 KC
6. THEprofesor - 1000 KC
7. chucarina - 1000 KC
8. S4m4noS - 1000 KC
9. Melkor - 1000 KC
10. ScorDrag - 1000 KC

Please PM me GM_Guro / GM_dRed or GM_Loki for Turkish Support to receive your rewards on the Official 15th May!

- Epic MYKO Team

  Launch dates [BETA 24/04 ~ 14:00 GMT+3 - OFFICIAL 15/05 ~ 14:00 GMT+3]
Posted by: Guro - 04-16-2020, 05:15 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (3)

[Image: bF6IL7.png]

Introducing Epic MyKO, our server’s main purpose is to deliver a stable server for the long run and not based on profits. Are you a fan of old-styled servers? Don't miss out on the amazing feeling of starting in a new server and living the dream as it grows.

[Image: 1Ove58.png]

1. There will be different phases and plans throughout your journey but for the beginning:

- Max Level: 60 (65 > 72)
- Middle Class Items 
- Master Disabled
- Death match event removed completely.

- And more to come... which will be announced throughout the journey.

2. We will have Seasonal National Points for Monthly Ranking, every month new season begins and TOP 10 Players of Monthly Ranking will be in the Hall of Fame list + Top 5 will have a special color name and will be rewarded:
Top 5: 1,500 KC
Top 6-10: 1,000 KC

3. There will be no farmable Gold Coins, Silver Bars or Gold Bars. Potions will be very cheap at NPCs, Users with Gold premium will have access to Premium Zone that will have NPC selling cheaper potions and Enchant Scrolls. *Bronze Bar (5m) will drop at Dark Mares with 1% rate.*

4. You will be able to obtain Armors, Weapons, Epic Defender Shield through quests which will help you start.

5. Newly remade Lunar War event. Obtainable Epic Medal without need of Knight Cash. CLICK HERE for more info about Lunar War Quest

6. You can EXP faster by doing different entertaining quests, more info: CLICK HERE

7. You can buy Selfname weapon for Death Souls(obtained by killing enemies in CZ)

8. You can earn Manner Points by helping beginners EXP! You can exchange your Manner Points for good rewards in-game! (Will be enabled during later stages)

9. Multi-Client is DISABLED.

10. Multi PC Restriction: You can register MAX 3 Accounts per IP and you can login MAX 3 PCs per IP.

11. Nation Transfer (NT) is free once every 14 days otherwise you can purchase it!

Renting and Borrowing items 
Fully functional rental system, you can rent your items to other people and collect coins; you can also borrow any item to your friends without being afraid of getting scammed. Rented items will appear in different colors in the game. 


 NP Shop: You can buy Trinas + Scrolls Trina can also be obtained via Quest, killing Warders, Keeper, or PUS. 

Death Souls Shop(obtained by killing enemies in CZ): You can exchange souls for Selfname weapon or Basic Medal (2nd neck)  New Eslant / BDW / FT Maps: 
[Image: eYb3DY.gif] [Image: V7y2La.png][Image: fywmOk.png]

 We promise to fulfill our players needs and we will work based on the community's suggestions, we would like to make sure your word is heard. Equality is a very important matter to us; therefore, you will never be treated unfairly no matter what. We may not have the best team but we promise we will do all in our power to make sure you have the best gaming experience and grant you the chance to create memorable memories with your friends.

 Official Launch: 15/05/2020 - 14:00 GMT +3

Epicness Resurrection awaits you! You don’t have to do anything but enjoy yourself! Bring yourself, your friends, and your skills with you throughout this upcoming journey!! Stay tuned!

Thank you everyone, 
- Epic MyKO Team

  [02.04.2020] SERVER RELAUNCH
Posted by: GM_Loki - 04-03-2020, 02:30 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

We have received a lot of complaints regarding the server's state due to the population being very low which obviously leads to lack of entertainment for our current player base, and it has become less interesting for everyone. 

So we came to the conclusion that it might be better to re-launch the server with a better plan, updates and invest more into advertising. By implementing this relaunch and the changes, we are hoping to have a much higher active population.  

Server will shut down tonight at 20:00 Server Time. Relaunch date will be announced later on. 

For those of you that have remained loyal and donated, you don't have to worry at all - you will not lose everything, a percentage of the KC you bought will be restored to you in the relaunch. 

Thank you everyone for staying at Epic MYKO, and for all the suggestions. We appreciate your loyalty to the server, stay tuned for further updates! 


Son zamanlarda serverda az sayıda kullanıcı olduğu yönünde şikayetler almaya başladık. Bu durum, mevcut oyuncularımız için serverımızı daha az çekici hale getirmiştir. 

Bunun sonucunda serverı daha fazla reklam vererek, daha iyi bir planla ve yeni güncellemelerle ilerki bir tarihte yeniden açmaya karar verdik. Yapacağımız değişiklikler ve yeniliklerden sonra serverı tekrar faaliyete geçirdiğimizde çok daha fazla kullanıcı görmeyi umuyoruz. 

Server bu akşam server saati ile 20:00'da kapatılacaktır. Serverın yeniden açılış tarihi daha sonra açıklanacaktır. 

Serverımıza bağlı kalan ve bağışta bulunan oyuncuların hiçbir endişe içine girmelerini istemiyoruz. Satın aldığınız KC'ler, server yeniden açıldığında, tekrar size iade edilecektir. 

Epic MYKO'da geçirdiğiniz zaman için ve bu zamana kadarki önerileriniz için hepinize teşekkür ediyoruz. Serverımıza olan bağlılığınıza minnettarız. Güncellemeler için bizi takip etmeye devam edin!

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